About Me

    As a photographer I am a bit unusual. I know of only another photographer in Greece who at the tax office is registered  as both biologist and photographer. 

    I was born in Switzerland, I studied Biological Sciences in Italy and I moved to Greece 22 years ago. Wildlife and Travel Photography have been my main field of action for the first 15 years in the country, then I started working more on the "human" side of life as well. 

    It was the beauty and richness of Greek Nature that brought me here. At first I studied it, then I began publishing articles and books about it.  My biggest work has been published in WWF's book "40 Natural Paradises" (see Publications section), which covers all Greek National Parks and  other sites with great biodiversity.

    When I settled in Athens almost 10 years ago I started photographing also Weddings, Theatre,  Music and Yoga venues and other interesting subjects of the city. In 2014 I was called to photograph the electoral campaigns for the SYRIZA Party and after the elections of January 2015 I was chosen by the newly elected Greek PM Alexis Tsipras to become his official photographer. Now I travel the world  following his steps during his official meetings and events.

    As a photojournalist I teamed up in 2016 with 10 wonderful colleagues and co-authored the book "The Itinerary - Tracing the Refugees Routes". The book was published in order to accompany the homonymous Photo Exhibition, which started in Athens and is now travelling in Europe. See info here: http://theitineraryexhibition.com/

Photo: Traditional fisherman at Inle lake, Myanmar